Leonardo DiCaprio Vaping

7 Celebrities Who Vape

4th June 2015

E-cigarettes have become very popular in the last couple of years with many more switching every day to vaping. Many celebrities across the world are known to enjoy vaping. The reason behind the switch to electronic cigarettes is because it is much safe alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes plus it does not produce any harmful toxins. In this blog, we are going to run down a list of seven celebrities who have made that switch.

1. Johnny Depp

Famed for his roles in Pirates of Caribbean, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland, Johnny Depp is our first celebrity that has switch from tobacco to vaping. He popularise electronic cigarettes popular when he used one in his film “The Tourist” and he even mentioned the word ‘electronic cigarettes’ in the dialogue as well.

2. Britney Spears

Famous all over the world for her music and shaving all hair off, Britney is the next celebrity to have made the switch to electronic cigarettes. She was once criticised for smoking tobacco cigarettes with her children next to her. Maybe her decision to switch to vaping was because electronic cigarettes reduces the potential risk of toxins being passed onto her children

3. Jimmy White

The people’s champion of snooker Jimmy White is another celebrity who quit tobacco cigarettes in a favour of electronic cigarettes. Jimmy now even takes part in vaping contests.

4. June Brown (Dot Cotton)

Eastenders star June Brown who plays Dot Cotton is known to be a user of both electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes. She will use electronic cigarettes in public places where tobacco smoking is prohibited.

5. Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones turned to vaping after her husband Michael Douglas had successfully recovered from throat cancer.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo is known to be a big fan of vaping and was seen on camera during the 2014 Golden Globe awards using an electronic cigarette. He was also spotting using one of these on the set of the film “Django Unchained”.

7. Nick Clegg

A more recent convert to electronic cigarettes is the former Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrats MP Nick Clegg. It was during a phone-in on LBC Radio that he said he felt ‘fit as a fiddle’ after stopping smoking tobacco cigarettes in favour of vaping.

These are just a few celebrities who are now vapers with electronic cigarettes becoming a safer alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes.