One Lite presents to you an exclusive range of electronic cigarettes, eliquids and vaping devices uniquely developed in conjunction with doctors and produced here in the UK.

Since launching in 2013, the One-Lite range of products has grown rapidly to become one of the UK’s most popular, trusted and established e-cigarette brands.

Developed with a team of Doctors

Developed in conjunction with a team of doctors with over 15 years’ NHS experience – One Lite aims to deliver an authentic and pleasurable smoking experience without the harmful toxins, carcinogens and chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarette products.

With hundreds of smokers nationwide now making the change and switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes and the growing range and variety of liquids and devices available the One-Lite product range is proving to be a popular and successful choice for many.

Unlike several other electronic cigarette brands, One-Lite are proud to be the pioneers of the only e-cigarette brand exclusively developed with Doctors. This has the unique benefit of being able to carefully control the process and ensure only the highest quality products reach the marketplace.

Manufactured in the UK

All of One-Lite’s products are produced within UK-based laboratories using only pharmaceutical grade nicotine and food grade flavouring. Each and every batch is fully tested for quality and purity to ensure it meets standards prior to it being signed off and released for consumer use.

By offering a range of strengths and flavours One-Lite products are designed to help to wean smokers off the habit and their addiction to nicotine.

One Lite employ a professional team of doctors, industry experts and a customer care team, all of which are enthusiastic and motivated in providing a friendly and professional service to customers. The company is continuously working on improving technology and expanding the product range to cater to the growing demands of its customers.

One-Lite. One Life. Live it.