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Amazing Vape Tricks any Vaper can Perform

6th December 2017

It is usually seen that most Vapers love performing various kinds Vaping tricks of which the “French inhale” as well as making bubbles are some of the most prominent ones. You can easily find several videos of people performing these tricks on Instagram and YouTube. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the really amazing types of Vaping which are as follows.


Jellyfish Vaping

Jelly Vaping is one of Vaping styles that seem to be a little complicated, but you would realize how simple it is if you perform it even once. Moreover, you would love to perform this track time and again.

The best way to perform this trick is to hit the vapour with your Vape Kit. First of all, you need to create a thick and fairly large O-ring. Now it’s time to take another quick hit of vapour from your device and exhale into the O-ring form the effect of a Jellyfish.

It is always better for you to buy the best quality device for this purpose that is featured with zero leakage and airflow in the centre. It must also be featured with a good safety cap that prevents accidental touch. The additional features that you must look for include a specially designed coil that ensures superior flavour and dense vapour as well.

There are many businesses that always focus on serving you with the best quality devices for this purpose. Most of these products designed by them are manufactured with an original invention patent and certification of FCC. Not only this, they are exported to over 50 countries all over the world that itself speaks about their quality as well as durable.

Waterfall Vaping

This is another very popular Vaping trick that is extremely easy to perform. You can perform this trick even with a little training. All you need to have is an empty bottle and Vaping gear. You have the option of performing this tactic both indoor as well as outdoor. The Waterfall Vaping style is just like having your own personal cloud trapped in a bottle. It would feel like a real-life wizard, provided you are able to perform this trick in the right manner.

Ways to perform it

As discussed earlier, this technique is extremely easy to perform and you need not have any special skill for it. All you need to have is an empty bottle into which you have gradually blow you Vape. Once the bottle is full pour the Vape inside it out to have your own Vape Waterfall.
This technique is absolutely entertaining and easy to perform. You can practice this tactic on your dinner table provided your family members have no objection to it and are interested in it. It would surely leave an astonished look on their face.

Bane Vaping Style

This is another very popular Vaping that youngsters like to perform. It is the modified form of a famous French inhale style.  This Vaping style has been named after Bane, the villain in Batman.
You can initially start up with a French inhale and after that join your bottom lips with your top teeth to create a gap in such a manner that it creates streams of vapour. In order to make these streams even more refined, you have the option of inhaling swiftly through your nose.

It is one of the Vaping styles out there that are being increasingly tried by youths and so there is no reason for not trying this Vaping style for yourself.

Lasso Vaping Style

LASSO Vaping Style is one of the Vaping tactics in which you after a mouth hit after having pushed your Vape ring and expanding it. At this stage, you need to push the vapour out as if you are doing a jellyfish. In case you give your lips an O shape and the Vape out, you can expect an O to come through and expand around the first O forming vapour shape that ultimately resembles a lasso.

After blowing the first O it is recommended for you to wait for a few seconds and watch it to expand. The second one would be directly blown in the centre of the first one. After some, the second one would wrap into the first one.


Underwater Vaping Style

From the above discussion, it is clear that Vaping is enjoyable, but underwater Vaping is even more entertaining. It does not any major risk associated with this it, provided you care about certain things.

There are many instates provide training for this kind of Vaping, besides serving you with kinds of safety equipment. It involves the equal involvement of all the parts of your body that ultimately improves their flexibility.


Crazy Vape Tricks

This is the last of the popular Vaping styles, but not the least. It is basically known for its unique style.  If you are cloud chaser, then you will surely enjoy this kind of Vaping. In this section, we are going to discuss some of the crucial tips for this Vaping. First of all, let’s have a look that you would probably need for this kind Vaping- UD Houter RDA, 75W Smok Treebox mini-mod, UD Master DIY kit, L’or 30 PG/70VG, UD organic cotton, UD 24 AWG kanthal wire. It is always better you pick a coil with a thin diameter.

To conclude, we can say that the above mentioned are some of the most Amazing Vaping Tricks that would surely work for Vapers of all the ages and earn them lots of compliments.