Rise Of The Pod

20th July 2018

Vaping is an ever changing market, from new trends to new tech, there’s always something new to try when it comes to using an E-cigarette. […]

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Focus: The Dusk till Dawn Range

4th January 2018

Enjoy the Superior Flavor of the Dusk Till Dawn Range
Dusk Till Dawn is basically known for its intense flavour that leaves you to want more. […]

Young woman have a choice between tobacco cigarette and electronic cigarette

Useful Tips for Entry Level Vapers

20th December 2017

Useful Tips for Entry Level Vapers
Vaping E-Cigarettes have become increasingly popular due to their health benefits that traditional tobacco based cigarettes lack. They are absolutely […]

Woman Vaping behind the wheel

Ways to Prevent Burnt Vape Coils

12th December 2017

The smell of a burnt Vape coils is something that all the Vapers hated, regardless of their Vaping style. You would probably feel even worse […]

vape tricks

Amazing Vape Tricks any Vaper can Perform

6th December 2017

It is usually seen that most Vapers love performing various kinds Vaping tricks of which the “French inhale” as well as making bubbles are some of […]


Types of E-Cigarette Kits Available in the UK – Part 2

28th November 2017

Over the last few years, the electronic cigarette has achieved the status of a welcome alternative to the traditional cigarette that mainly contains tobacco that […]

The Types of E-Cigarettes Available in UK

24th November 2017

The Types of E-Cigarettes Available in the UK
In simple words, an Electronic cigarette can be defined as a battery-powered device that vaporizes a liquid that is […]


Avoiding Health Hazards

16th November 2017

Avoiding Health Hazards with E-Cigarettes and Vaping
Today, E-cigarettes have become extremely popular due to the health benefits over traditional cigarettes and the health hazards associated […]

ONEVAPE - All In One (AIO) device

The One Vape (AIO)

26th July 2017

The One Vape all-in-one is the perfect choice for those beginning their journey. Coming in 4 colours; black, stainless steel, silver and rose gold gives […]


One Lite new website launch!

13th June 2017

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website which we’ve given a fresh new look and has been designed in line with […]

Merry Christmas to all our customers

13th December 2016

We here at One lite would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Just a quick reminder that due […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Vaping

7 Celebrities Who Vape

4th June 2015

E-cigarettes have become very popular in the last couple of years with many more switching every day to vaping. Many celebrities across the world are […]

Electronic Cigarette

The benefits of vaping over traditional cigarettes

20th May 2015

When making the switch from one product to another, inevitably you want to know beforehand what the benefits are so, you can decide whether or […]

The unspoken rules of vaping

14th April 2015

E-cigarettes are not part of the UK smoking ban within public places like with the traditional cigarettes and tobacco products. Even though vaping in public […]

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Try our new exciting E-liquid flavours

25th March 2015

Here at One Lite, we have developed an exciting new range of E-Liquid flavours that are available to buy directly from our website right now. […]