Aspire vaping kit is featured with a sleek flavour oriented system with reasonably good versatility. It offers excellent performance each time you use it. This device is specially designed for pure flavour and suits various vaping styles. The below given are some of the most prominent features of this device:-

High Power Speeder Mode and Athos Tank:-
The most important reason for using Aspire Vape Kits in the UK is that most of them are a combination of high power Speeder Mode and Athos Tank. The speeder has a dual bay removable 18650 battery that delivers up to 200 watts of power. They are also equipped with a partner tank developed especially to make the maximum use of the available power. The Athos tank utilizes an innovative Penta coil head to satisfy those who give preference to dense cloud and top- notch flavour as well.

Compact and Ergonomic:-
Another benefit of using these kits is that they are featured in a compact and ergonomic design. They feel good in your hands, regardless of the way in which you hold or grab them. The breeze has an inbuilt refillable tank effectively holds 2 ml of e-juice. Moreover, Aspire Vape Kits are featured with U-tech coil that ensures you always get a flavoured Vape. Most importantly, their auto-fire feature adds, even more, convenience to your vaping experience. You need not press the fire button and simply inhale from the drip tip. The fire button helps you to navigate the breeze.

Most of the Aspire Vape Kits of One-Lite are manufactured in the UK based laboratories using only pharmaceutical grade nicotine and food grade flavouring.