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10th February 2015

Over the past decade we have seen a significant proliferation in the electronic cigarette market since they were first developed in China in 2003.

Just like tobacco cigarettes, the quality of the ingredients varies hugely from brand to brand – although even the best grade tobacco is hundreds of times more toxic than a standard electronic cigarette.

But let’s be clear – not all electronic cigarettes are the same. In recent months there has been a spate of stories about various ingredients that some electronic cigarette producers use in their products with particular concern around diacetyl.

Diacetyl is a chemical often found in margarine and while it is harmless if eaten, it has been linked to lung disease when ingested in large quantities as has been the case historically with workers exposed to the chemical in popcorn factories.

The chemical was found in one single flavouring that was used by one brand of electronic cigarette in an investigation by the BBC and that brand has now withdrawn the offending flavouring from sale.

According to Dr Aman Singh, a director and joint founder of One-Lite, this example highlighted the need electronic cigarette producers to ensure that they only use the highest-grade ingredients in their products.

He said: “What is important to state from the outset is that One Lite electronic cigarettes are free of diacetyl and all other potentially harmful chemicals.

“One Lite is different to other electronic cigarette producers as it was established by practising doctors and because of this we treat our product as a medicine so we insist on the very highest standards in terms of ingredients, suppliers and testing so that every batch we produce is the same as the last.

“At One Lite we are on a mission to help smokers move away from tobacco, which is hugely damaging to smoker’s health and a massive drain on the National Health Service and so we are focused on promoting our product for its health benefits, not as a leisure product.

“With this in mind we have ensured that the products we produce are both child and tamper proof and also the brand is conservative and functional but of the very highest quality, in keeping with the ethos behind our business.”