New Product: One Lite EGO MINI

17th February 2015

When it comes to choosing the right electronic cigarette for you, there are numerous things to consider.

For some it may come down to cost while for others it may be the availability of different flavours or the quality of the ingredients. There are those who may just like a certain colour but for many ‘vapists’ the decisive factor may be its size.

Like that box of 20 cigarettes that a smoker carried before switching to electronic cigarettes, the standard vaporizer may not offer the necessary discretion when carrying in a light-weight suit or on a night out when pockets are at a premium and the clutch bag is already overflowing.

But One Lite have now unveiled a new product that may just be the answer. As well as offering all the benefits of the traditional One Lite range, the new Ego Mini is just half the weight of the traditional ego and with its new slimmer battery, it is currently the lightest vaporizer on the market.

And while the new battery may be slimmer, it still offers seven hours of power on full use while its innovative design means the nicotine strength and flavour can be changed at any time. So if size really does matter when it comes to choosing an electronic cigarette, look no further.