Terms & Conditions


`Goods’ means the products, services, work, materials, or other items to be supplied pursuant to the contract. The `Seller’ means GHC (UK) LTD T/A ONE LITE. The `Purchaser’ means the person, company or firm to be supplied with the Goods by the Seller. The `contract’ means the contract for sale and purchase of the Goods made between the Seller and the Purchaser to which these conditions apply.


These conditions shall apply to all Sales of Goods by the Seller, shall supersede any earlier sets of Condition implied or otherwise, and shall prevail over any inconsistent terms or Conditions contained or referred to in the Purchase order, correspondence or elsewhere. No employee of the company, agent or representative has the authority to vary these Conditions of sale.

Terms of Payments

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Goods will be invoiced on an immediate basis. Payment shall be made immediately in Sterling without any deduction or deferment on account of any disputes or cross claims whatsoever. Interest shall be payable on overdue accounts at the rate of 15% calculated on a daily basis, but without prejudice to the sellers rights to receive payments on the due dates. If in the case of the contract or any order involving more that one delivery default is made in payment on the due date, the Seller shall have he right to suspend all or any further deliveries pending payment or to terminate the contract entirely by notice, verbal or in writing, to the Purchaser.


a) Delivery dates quoted verbally or in writing are approximate only and given in good faith, and not of any contractual effect. The Seller shall not be under any liability to the Purchaser in respect of any failure to delivery Goods on a specific date or dates.

b) The Seller shall not be required to deliver the Goods unless the Purchaser has paid all sums then due and payable by the Purchaser to the Seller. if the purchaser fails to take delivery of the Goods at the time specified overleaf, or elsewhere in writing, or by verbal instruction, or if the Purchaser had failed for 14 days to give delivery instructions after the same have been requested by the Seller, the Seller may without prejudice to other rights dispose of the Goods and charge the Purchaser with the cost of the storage from the date the Goods were tendered for delivery including insurance, the cost of any additional transport, and a sum to any loss suffered by the Seller in any re-sale caused by the Purchasers default. Goods collected by a Purchasers own transport or by carrier nominated by the Purchaser shall be deemed to have been delivered at the time of the said collection and to have been delivered in good condition upon such collection. A margin of 10% shall be allowed for excesses or shortages which will either charged or deducted.

Returns and Refunds

For refunds on products please note that all cancellations must be given within 7 days of goods received (goods marked as ‘delivered’ by the courier service).

Returns will be charged at £5 for for all goods except ONE LITE Life Kits which will be charged at £10, for administration.


a) The Seller shall not be not liable for any damages, and use of the product is at the Purchaser’s own risk. It is not for any other use than vaping, i.e it is not edible, and not for topical use. Even though the Seller’s quality assessment is vigorous, occasionally a faulty product is shipped. In these cases the Purchaser should contact the Seller’s Customer Service Department immediately. The Seller will send the Purchaser a free post address to mail the faulty product too. Please note that batteries and refill cartridges are consumer goods, thus are not covered unless a fault is found.

b) The Seller shall not be liable to the Purchaser:

  1. For defects caused by any act, neglect or default of the Purchasers or of any third party.
  2. For shortages or quantity delivered unless the Purchaser notifies the Seller of any claim for short delivery within 7 days of receipt of the Goods.
  3. For damages to Goods in transit prior to delivery unless the Purchaser notifies the Seller within a period of 7 days.
  4. For faults in the Goods resulting from faulty materials or workmanship unless the Purchaser notifies the Seller within 7 days or receipt of the goods by the Purchasers, and before the Goods are processed or used.
  5. In this clause all notifications required of the Purchaser to the Seller must be in writing, and all periods of time within which such notifications is to be made shall be of the essence of the contract.
  6. If the Purchaser fails to give notification as required, the goods shall be deemed to be in all respects in accordance with the contract and the Purchaser shall be bound to accept and pay for the same accordingly.
    1. The Seller may at its option, replace or repair any Goods found to be damaged or defective by reason of faulty material or workmanship providing that the Goods are made available for return to the Seller.
    2. The Sellers aggregate liability to the Purchaser whether for negligence, breach of contract, misrepresentation or otherwise shall under no circumstances exceed the cost of the defective, damaged or undelivered Goods determined by net invoice price to the Purchaser provided that the sellers said aggregate liability to the Purchaser shall cease if:-
      1. The Seller shall not have been paid in full for all invoices in accordance with the Clause 5 above.
      2. The Seller’s representatives are denied full and free right of access to the Goods.
      3. The Purchaser has not properly stored and retained the Goods intact and in the condition as supplied on delivery.
    3. The Seller shall in no circumstances be liable for loss of profits, goodwill or any economic loss or any loss arising from any claim against the buyer by any other party or any consequential or indirect loss or damage of any kind howsoever caused or arising.
    4. Subject to the foregoing all conditions warranties and representations expressed or implied by statute common law or otherwise in relation to the goods are hereby excluded and the Seller shall be under no liability to the Purchaser for any loss, damage or injury direct or indirect resulting from defective materials, faulty workmanship or otherwise howsoever rising and whether or not caused by the negligence of the Seller, its employees or agents EXCEPTING that the Seller shall accept liability for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the Seller.


Risk in the goods shall pass to the Purchaser on delivery. the Goods shall remain the property of the seller until the full invoiced amount due has been paid to the Seller. Until such payment the Purchaser shall have possession of the Goods as bailee for the Seller and shall store the Goods in such a way as to enable them to be identified as the property of the Seller. The Seller reserves the right to re-possess any Goods in respect of which payment is overdue, and to re-sell the Goods elsewhere. The Purchaser hereby grants an irrevocable right and license to the Sellers servants and agents to enter upon all or any of its premises with or without vehicles during normal business hours. This right shall continue to exist notwithstanding termination of the contract for any reason. Payment shall be due and the seller shall be entitled to sue for the price, whether or not property in the Goods has passed by virtue of this clause.

Competitions and vouchers

All competitions and vouchers are subject to a fair use policy. There is a maximum of one per customer per offer. No more than 5 uses per household.


Either party may immediately cancel a contract or agreement to any future deliveries if the other becomes bankrupt or makes an assignment agreement or composition with its creditors or suffers distress or process of execution to be levied on its property or goes into liquidation whether compulsory or voluntary (except for the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation). Goods in transit may be stopped and further deliveries suspended by notice in writing to the Purchaser.

Force Majeure

The Seller shall not be liable to the Purchaser for any loss or damage which may be suffered by the Purchaser as a direct or indirect result of the Seller being prevented, hindered or delayed in the performance of its obligations under the contract in respect of any force majeure circumstances as follows. Act of God, war, riot, strike, lockout, trade dispute, labour disturbance, epidemic, accident, plant or machinery breakdown, fire, explosion, flood, drought, government action, difficulty in obtaining labour, materials or transports, confiscation or other circumstances outside the control of the Seller affecting the provision of the Goods and/or services provided by the Seller.

Right to refuse service

The Seller reserves the right to refuse service.

Copyrights and Patents

The Purchaser shall indemnify the Seller against all liability in respect of any infringement of Patent or similar right, registered design or copyright resulting from compliance by the Seller with the Purchasers instructions, express or implied.

No part of this website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the Seller, unless otherwise indicated for stand-alone materials.

The Purchaser may share this website by any of the following means:

  1. Twitter, Facebook, Google + or other social media channels
  2. Providing a back-link or the URL of the content the Purchaser wants to disseminate
  3. By quoting extracts from the website with attribution to www.one-lite.co.uk


Commercial use and distribution of the contents of the website is not allowed without express and prior written consent of the Seller.

Development Work

The Seller reserves the right to make a charge for development work and works trial material manufactured at the Purchaser’s request. No liability can be accepted for the loss of a purchasers own materials supplied for the purpose of product development.

Taxes and Duties

All taxes and duties incurred by reason of export of Goods from the United Kingdom shall be Borne by the Purchaser unless specifically stated in writing to the contrary by the Seller.


Any notification required to be given in connection with a contract shall be deemed to have been duly given if sent by first class mail postage paid addressed to the party concerned at its principal place of business or at last known address.

Governing Law

This agreement shall be governed by and shall be construed in accordance with English law.