Electronic Cigarette

The benefits of vaping over traditional cigarettes

20th May 2015

When making the switch from one product to another, inevitably you want to know beforehand what the benefits are so, you can decide whether or not it is worth changing over. In case of electronic cigarettes, it is no different. Those who are interested in making the switch to electronic cigarettes are already smokers through tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are fast becoming the alternative to the traditional cigarette. There are many benefits to making the switch and in this blog post we are going to give four reasons as to why you should.

1. Electronic cigarettes does not produce an odor

Traditional cigarettes leave a smell that will attached itself to anything it come into contact with i.e. clothes, furniture, literally anything. The odor not only clings but the resulting smell could put people off around you. If you are smoker, you will probably not be aware of it as you are immersed in that environment all the time. For those who do not smoke or who have quit smoking, the smell/odor will be obvious.

Odors from traditional cigarettes smell that way because you are burning both the tar and chemicals at the same time as well as the tobacco. Burning these substances will see the smell attached itself to everything around you.

This is where electronic cigarettes are different in that they do not produce an odor. It is because you are not exhaling smoke, instead you are exhaling vape that disappears immediately. For those who do smoke electronic cigarettes and those they do not, they have said there is no after smell with these products.

2. Electronic cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes

By default, conventional cigarettes can be a fire hazard. Not only are you burning tobacco but you use an lit flame to light up the cigarette. Worldwide, 10% of all fire-related deaths are caused by a lit cigarette.

With electronic cigarettes, you will not be burning an open flame. In addition, you will not have a hot liquid that can burn through your clothes, furniture etc.

3. Health

We can point to the fact we know that conventional cigarettes are damaging to your health. They contain a lot of chemicals, which are considered carcinogenic, or cancer causing. Studies conducted across the world have shown that smoking a traditional cigarette will put you a greater risk of getting a number of conditions including stroke, heart attack, lung cancer, throat cancer, pneumonia, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and many more health problems.

4. Social Impact

Throughout the years, the view of smoking has become more negative within society for a number of reasons. The smell and health consequences have given traditional cigarettes a bad name nowadays. For those who smoke traditional cigarettes, you would have noticed that more restrictions are being placed on where you can smoke in public places.

By using electronic cigarettes, you can still enjoy smoking and at the same time get that nicotine hit you need.

There are many benefits to using electronic cigarettes over the traditional cigarettes and here at One Lite, we have a wide range of electronic cigarettes to choose from. All of our Electronic Cigarettes and E-liquids are developed with doctors here in the UK. All our products undergo strict control and have passed the highest standards before being released.