ONEVAPE - All In One (AIO) device

The One Vape (AIO)

26th July 2017

ONEVAPE - All In One (AIO) deviceThe One Vape all-in-one is the perfect choice for those beginning their journey. Coming in 4 colours; black, stainless steel, silver and rose gold gives you the choice to pick which colour you prefer.

This all-in-one device allows users the best experience with the least hassle. Several things makes this all-in-one easy to use; a 1400mAh Li-Po battery which is already attached to the top filling tank, the easy to change coils being the only thing you have to change, and the micro USB allowing for easier charging and hassle free vaping.

The 2ml tank is an easy top filling device, simply unscrew the head to fill. And the outer charging USB port has a rotating cover to ensure it remains undamaged whilst it’s not in use.

This slick looking device gives beginners what they need, an easy to use and user friendly experience. For best use the 50:50 range is recommended

Coming at an attractive price tag, it makes it easy to see why the One Vape is going down a storm.