The unspoken rules of vaping

14th April 2015

E-cigarettes are not part of the UK smoking ban within public places like with the traditional cigarettes and tobacco products. Even though vaping in public is not prohibited, we are asking whether it is okay for you to vape anywhere in public?

When it’s comes to vaping in a public place, it is at the preference of the owner or management of the venue to decide whether it is okay for you to vape on its premises. People can see benefits of using e-cigarette but others are more wary of its use.

Why not take a look at our tips below to help you in whether it is right to vape or not in a public place.

1. Ask the owner or management of the establishment i.e. the landlord of the pub or the owner of the shop. Vaping is down to the discretion of the management. Most public places will allow you to use electronic cigarettes but do not assume that you can use it without asking first as you could risk being asked to leave the premises. By asking the question, there will be no hassle further down the line.

2. If you using public transport or you are within a shopping centre, look to see if anyone around you is vaping as well. If people are vaping, that is a pretty good sign that you can use your electronic cigarette. If no one around you is vaping, then make sure you ask if they are OK with you vaping. If they say they don’t mind, then you can vape away. If they do object to you vaping, then you have avoided a situation where people are giving you uncomfortable stares.

3. Make sure you check who is around when you are vaping i.e. children. Vaping around children should never be encouraged. You do not want to be the one that makes a parent get angry with you.

4. Do not encourage those who do not smoke to vape. Electronic cigarette are for adults that are over the age of 18, even though we do want you to shout about the benefits of vaping to those who are tobacco smokers.

5. If someone is interested in switching from smoking to vaping, then explain the differences and benefits of vaping so you can put them at ease.

By following these handy tips, it will help in showing how good electronic cigarettes are and create a good view amongst the public.