Types of E-Cigarette Kits Available in the UK – Part 2

28th November 2017

Over the last few years, the electronic cigarette has achieved the status of a welcome alternative to the traditional cigarette that mainly contains tobacco that causes serious diseases in human beings like cancer. Like traditional cigarettes, there are some kits associated with this kind of cigarettes which can be discussed as follows

One Vape

This is one of the best E-Cigarette Kits available in the market. It comes featured with a powerful battery that allows you to vape for many hours without any worry at single recharging it too soon. The best part of this kit is that it allows you to alter the flavour or strength of Nicotine as you wish. Most of the kits made by a reputable manufacturer are designed from the best quality material available for maximum reliability and vapour production.  Most of these devices are extremely easy to use and come with a 1400mAh, 2 coils and USB charging cable. They all come equipped with all the features that you require for vaping in an elegant manner.

Moreover, these kits are also featured with a sleek metallic body for a comfortable grip. The other features include a removable VECO tank and battery that can be easily charged onboard. These vaping kits don’t produce any mess and are very simple to set up. Experts associated with manufacturing these products are committed to working tirelessly to add a set of unique features in every model.

One Vape – All on One Device with 5 E-Liquids

This is another E-cigarette kit that is very popular in recent times. It is featured with a leak-proof design, stainless steel coils, and an enhanced airflow system as well. Moreover, most of the devices in this category are user-friendly and fully customized to suit your specific vaping needs. Some of them are perfect for featured with atomizer head and are perfect for mouth-to lung vaping style.

If you feel that your current e-cig kit has stopped satisfactory results, then probably it is the right time for you to switch to One Vape-All in One Device with 5- E-Liquids that is featured with simplicity and convenience of a Vape stick. If you are an intermediate kind of vapour, then using this product is the best option for you.  The experts associated in this field can come up with some of the best kits each time you do business with them. This product is the first choice most vapours due to its advanced features. It includes a cylindrical body that houses the power source.

With a diameter of 21MM and height of 13O MM, this product perfectly resembles the traditional setup of a Vape. The most interesting part is that despite its compact size it accommodates a single 18650 cell in addition to a concealed 2 ml tank atomizer. This product is outwardly attractive and yet featured with excellent functionality. The real measurement of its design hinges on the performance of the atomizer.

The latest E-Cigarettes developed by reputed businesses involved in the manufacturing of these products are extremely easy to use, powerful as well as compact. Not only this, they are usually four amazing colours. Most are compact enough to fit in you’re your bag and pocket. In addition to that, they offer you a great vaping experience, regardless you prefer mouth-lungs or direct to lungs. The other features include adjustable airflow control.

Today, these devices have become extremely popular due to their portable design. They have also got hordes of other features that are highly effective in improving your vaping experience. With two different options for atomizers, these devices give you the opportunity to switch between a mouth inhale and lung inhale. Most of them are featured with an easy to use adjustable airflow at the bottom of the atomizer within the kit. The other features include battery displaying LED light, two mouthpieces, and low voltage warning. Each pack includes 1 battery, 1 Atomizer tube, 1 Atomizer base, one mouthpiece, (metal), a mouthpiece (organic glass), USB cable, manual and warranty and Wall adapter.


These devices not only look great with their sleek body but also allow you to enjoy the superior flavour of e-liquids. These starter E-cigarette starter kits come with a K4 battery that is ideal for a nice cloud and greater flavour. The rechargeable battery can be charged with micro USB at the bottom of the battery. It comes featured with a carbon fibre finish. The new and improved version of these products are equipped with advanced features and can be easily refilled with an LED light at the bottom that displays the battery life.

Most of these devices are featured with an anti-leak design with the capacity to hold at least 2 ml of juice. These products are also be equipped with childproof systems and five-click spark supply button.

The alpha puff kit has been lately designed and usually comes in a cardboard presentation box that contains a blue cylinder with several parts. The other accessories include ABS glass stem, a portable dry herb grinder and water pipe attachment and a clean brushing.


In order to assemble these kits, you need to unscrew the main parts of the cylinder. You can easily take out the pipe attachment and assemble them together and fill them with water till the max indicator.

These units are truly all on one device that is professionally designed to create amazing flavour and vapour. The self-adjusting 50W OHM battery and 2ml top filling portal tank provide everything you need to get started with a simple plug and play setup and can be used with all kinds of E-liquid.

You can convert these e-cigarettes into a quality tank that perfectly threads onto the Veppo- E-cigarette. These devices are usually made of aluminium and Pyrex glass that makes them extremely durable and lightweight. The kind of glass with which they are made is resistant to citrus-based e-liquid.

These devices are a perfect mix of technology as well as practicality. Their timeless design speaks of the universal language of quality. Special emphasis on quality and ease of use makes them the first choice for busy people who don’t have much time to fiddle around with substandard products. These devices are mostly fully integrated and there are very few internal parts.


EGO Starter Kit- Web Special

The Ego Starter Kit Web Special is another modern vaping kit that is especially helpful for beginners. This device mainly includes a highly powerful battery and a CES -5 clearomizer that is featured with replaceable coils. You need to charge of this product for 8-10 hours depending on your vaping style.


All you need to do in order to get the best result with this device is to purchase a high-quality classic E-liquid. This product is also featured with a CES-5 reusable tank that fits perfectly with Zing to give you a smooth vaping experience with much less waste production. The other important features of this product include a glass tank that is protected by a steel cover. The tank also has a viewing window and a soft, black rubberized finish.

The devices of this category that are manufactured by reputed businesses in this field come equipped with all the features that improve your vaping experience. You can browse through our products on our website and select the one that suits your specific need. Some of these products even come with one complete vape pen. These extremely impressive starter kits are also featured with an innovative design that captures the essence of hassle-free vaping. In addition to a new child lock, the other features include a top fill design, 1500mAh battery capacity that can be charged via a micro USB cable and a tank, illuminating the indicator light.

All of our E-Cigarette Kits products at One-Lite are professionally designed in labs in the UK by Doctors that make them absolutely safe for your health. Each and every product is tested by experts for quality as well as purity.