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Useful Tips for Entry Level Vapers

20th December 2017

Useful Tips for Entry Level Vapers

Vaping E-Cigarettes have become increasingly popular due to their health benefits that traditional tobacco based cigarettes lack. They are absolutely devoid of all kinds of foul smells which is the main problem associated with traditional Cigarettes. Moreover, they do not cause any deadly diseases such as cancer. In this article, we will discuss some very important information about Vapers.


All about E-cigarettes

Two electronic cigarettes with glass e-liquid bottles with smoke on white background

Thin e-cigarettes with glass bottles and smoke on white background


The E-cigarette is the other name for an electronic cigarette that can be found everywhere in roads, offices and even homes. It helps you quit smoking to avoid the risk of life-threatening diseases.  Not only this, it is professionally designed to improve your Vaping experience. Prior to initiating to switching to a product of this category you need to read about E-liquids which are one of the essential components used in them. There are thousands of E-liquids available on the market that featured with amazing flavours.


PG and VG Ratio in E-cigarette

Another point that you must take into consideration before starting this kind of cigarettes is the level of PG and VG which are the two main constituents of E-cigarettes which stand for Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Their ratio solely differs on the basis of flavour that you choose. Most importantly, these components can be used to improve your experience.

A research shows that Propylene Glycol is used in a comparatively higher proportion in most of the products of this category as compared to Vegetable Glycerin and has a thicker consistency. In addition to it, this component also offers greater flavour intensity than vegetable Glycerin. Whereas, Vegetable Glycerin is considered to be a bit thicker than Propylene Glycol and so it might be difficult to prevent clogging from E-Cigarettes when using the one with VG based e-liquid. It also a thicker density that ultimately means that the amount of Vape produced while using a VG based e-liquid would be more voluminous as compared when using a PG based E-liquid.


Learn about Nicotine level

Also, you must not forget to verify the nicotine level in a particular kind of E-cigarette as it can be a crucial factor that would help you select the right one. It is always better for you to give preference to an e-cigarette that contains almost the same amount of nicotine as the one you used to smoke earlier. It is a solution that is heated and vaporized when you puff through the device and is inhaled into your mouth in the form of vapour. As E-cigarettes are comparatively new to the market, not much is known about their safety and nicotine delivery efficacy. It is generally seen that many users of Tobacco based cigarette smokers do not have any idea about the nicotine content in the cigarette they are currently and so switch to an E-cigarette can be a bit confusing for them. Although almost all the electrical cigarettes have the amount of nicotine they contain mentioned on the label that is stuck on their body, the most unfortunate thing is that most of the users of these Cigarettes are not aware what these data mean.

Thankfully, the Nicotine level in most of the E- cigarettes available in the UK is standard and very simple to understand. Moreover, you would also come to know the way in which they are compared to E-cigarettes which would help in picking up the right cigarette.

While choosing an E-cigarette manufacturer you must make sure that all the products designed by it are solely manufactured in the UK with each component sourced from the EU. It is one of the best ways to ensure that the nicotine level in a product selected by you accurately represents what is mentioned on the bottle. Now, let’s have a look at various nicotine levels in E-liquid and what they actually mean.



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0% Nicotine

This data literally means that there is absolutely no nicotine present in the E-liquids with this label.  When you buy a product of this segment from a reputed online store, you can be sure that it does not contain any nicotine at all. The products of this segment are especially for those people who want to cut down their total nicotine intake. If you want to enjoy the pleasure of E-cigarettes on a periodically basically, then the best option for you is to learn some Vaping tricks.
0.6% Nicotine:-
This indicates that the level of nicotine in an E-liquid with this level is approximately equivalent to ten light cigarettes. The products of this category are a perfect pick for those people who are keen to bring down their daily nicotine intake.

1.2% Nicotine

A product with this nicotine level is a perfect option for those people who smoke a pack of cigarettes of light strength on a daily basis.  Most of the products of this category are specially designed those people who are thinking about switching smoking as light tobacco based cigarettes prior to switching to e-cigarettes.


Use a Good Vaping Device

If you are planning to switch to an E-liquid, then it is extremely important for you to give preference to using a good quality Vaping device. As a first time Vaper, it is natural for you to get tempted by a wide range of highly attractive Vaping available in the market, but we would suggest you to avoid going after your mood as it would lead to buying a low-quality product that can ultimately prove injurious for your health.

Vaping Friends

A man and woman smoking electronic cigarette in a vape bar. Vape shop

Make Some Vaping Friends

As mentioned earlier it is of foremost importance for you to make Vape friends through various Vape groups on Facebook.

To conclude, we can say that the above mentioned only some of the best tips for first-time Vapor. You can go through the internet to find more tips in this regard.