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Ways to Prevent Burnt Vape Coils

12th December 2017

The smell of a burnt Vape coils is something that all the Vapers hated, regardless of their Vaping style. You would probably feel even worse if it happens after just after you enjoy the amazing taste of the liquid and the fog is at its peak.  It often makes the taste of your mouth fade away. But, you need not worry about this issue as here, in this article, you would discuss some of the amazing tips to prevent foul smell which can be discussed as follows


Prime your Coils

Prime Coils

Wicked coil wire with natural cotton for vaping devices and mods.

Priming the coils is one of the first and best ways to prevent foul smells. Dry cotton is bound to be burnt and if you do not prime, then you are sure to face some trouble as soon as you Vape. To avoid this problem it is always better for you to saturate your Vape coils for optimum Vaping experience, regardless of whether you are using traditional cartomizer or the latest model atomizer. You must make sure that coil sets in the tank for at least ten minutes after you fill it with Vape juice.  First of all, you need to install the coil into the tank as normal. If you are having an open-top coil, then put a few drops of e-liquids at the top of the coil until it appears to be saturated. After that, it’s time for you to fill your tank with e-liquids or re-attach the battery. Now it’s time for you to take 2-3 gentle draws of your E-Cig without pressing the button to activate the battery. Allow the coil E-Cig around 5-10 minutes to ensure optimum saturation.

Vape in a slow motion

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If you have fallen in love with the amazing taste of the juice of your E-liquids and cannot wait for your next Vape then it’s always better for you to control yourself as the faster and harder you Vape the earlier you find your coil burnt out and have to be replaced immediately for an optimum taste. It is especially important for you to Vape on a high VG juice as it takes a much longer time to get soaked in your coil. We understand it is very tough for you to wait even for a few minutes, but the option of reducing the pause time to 20-30 seconds prior to initiating your next long duration Vape with a liquid of this category.

Pick the right kind of potion

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Thin e-cigarettes with glass bottles and smoke on white background

A few people suffer from foul smell even after trying the above-mentioned methods. If you are one of them then probably picking the right potion would work well for you. Switching to an E-liquid with relatively higher PG content would be the right option for you. You must always keep in mind that the higher the level of VG content of your e-liquid the thicker it would be. E-liquids with various kinds of potions are available in the market and you need to choose the one that perfectly suits your Vaping style. Most of them are featured with a superior taste that would improve your vaping experience. As you inhale these e-liquids you would experience a unique kind of sweetness that you have never enjoyed before. Moreover, as you Vape out you will probably enjoy a more satisfying Vaping experience. Although all the e-liquids manufactured and sold by a reputed business in this field offer a superior taste, those featured with red velvet caress flavour sensation offer a unique taste. Most of these companies have a state- of- the –art laboratories where only the highest quality control and safety standards are followed. For this reason, there is hardly any chance that you would receive an inferior quality E-liquid. Each blend is featured with the best quality blend.

Most importantly, these liquids are featured with a light crispy wafer filled with rich creamy peanut butter as well as mild fluffy cream. They usually come in a glass bottle that is equipped with a top cap that has a glass dropper attached to it. Most of these products are sold by price conscious brands that focus on selling their products online. These businesses can serve with a wide range of E-liquids that are featured with flavours and profiles most of which are priced very reasonably. Most of them are featured with the level of PG as well as VG that you prefer the most. The most common flavours of these include Tobacco, Mint, Menthol Sweet flavours like Cheesecake, Vanilla curd, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Gummy gear, beverage flavours, Cola, Coffee, Mocha and Green tea. Some of them also come with fruit flavours like Strawberry, Peach, Watermelon, Lychee, Orange and grapes as well.

Turn the Power down

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An advanced vaping device, e-cigarette on the table. Soft matte

One of the most important reasons for frequent burning out of Vape juice is the use of high Wattage. For this reason, it is always recommended for you to keep the wattage as low as possible. It may seem an uphill task for you, but truly speaking, it would keep your coil from burning fast and save your time from being lost in replacing the burnt coil that you have always wanted. No doubt, you may notice a very thin layer of fog, but a lower wattage would surely create a sweet flavour, besides bringing down the chances of coil burn.

Temperature Control


Temperature control is another good way to prevent your Vape coil from burning early. It is one of the methods that would surely work even of all other methods fail.

To conclude, we can say that the above mentioned are some of the very useful tips that safeguarding your Vape coil against burning that would ultimately improve your Vaping experience.